Connecting organizations and their communities


I love working with people and organizations to help them maximize their brand, to reach new audiences and to strengthen their current relationships! My expertise lies in understanding the unique connection and needs each brand has with their community, and helping them to create strategies and communication efforts to match those situations.


Brand & Design

Pairing compelling and authentic visuals with strong brand strategy will resonate with your community. Your brand encompasses many things, but most people think “logo” - there’s so much encapsulated in “brand” however. Tone, messaging, visuals and logo are some of the key aspects I evaluate and craft with your help.

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Giving Back / Monthly Picks

My career has allowed me to work with some incredible brands, such as; Coca-Cola, P&G brands such as Oral-B and Metamucil, the University of Toronto, and the Canadian Cancer Society.

Giving back is an important tenet in my life, and because of that I select a monthly pick - an organization or community I can help with pro-bono design work. This lets me expand the groups I get to work with, and give back to the communities that mean so much to me!

Doing Good, To Do Better

Client satisfaction and feedback is of the utmost importance to me - and I feel strongly that doing good work in the world connects you with ever more people.

With their permission, here are some of the responses I have received from my community.

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Monthly Picks

Giving Back

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Jonathan, did absolutely superb work for Ratanak International. He is a pleasure to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending him to others in the NGO community.

— Brian McConaghy MSM, BA, Founding Director, Ratanak International.


Relationships are Key!

It’s VERY important to grow and nurture strong relationships in our communities. I strive to provide an experience beyond expectation.